Melio Academic Programmes

Explore all the options. Whichever subject you choose, all our online courses guarantee more than just an enriching academic experience. Taught over 2 weeks, Melio Academic Programmes equips you for your next steps, and beyond.


2-week courses


Class groups of 9 or less for 13-15, 16-17 and 18-24 year olds


Personalised learning from £875

"Melio is more professional and easier to use than other learning websites I have used; it helps you to concentrate, gives you new perspectives, and makes you feel like you are really progressing."


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Online learning, reimagined

The best of virtual learning, with a difference. Melio Academic Programmes uniquely combines small-group tutorials, group seminars with other students, and a curated bank of content designed to support independent learning. Choose your course below. The learning adventure begins today.

What's included in an academic programme?

  • 4 topics. Dive deeper into your chosen subject, with 4 focussed sub-topics for each course.

  • 2 live webinars. Discuss what you've learned with classmates from around the globe, in live, guided webinars.

  • 2 live tutorials. During tutorials, discuss your individual questions, and get answers straight from the experts.

  • Independent project work and online activities. Learn at your pace, and receive personalised feedback throughout.

Expert online courses

Spend two weeks learning your chosen subject from world-class academics—and leave with a new understanding, and your questions answered. Through a blended programme of online learning, tutorials and live webinars, you'll take part in a unique Oxford-style learning experience, all from the comfort of home.



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Melio is part of Bridgemark and a sister company to Oxford Summer Courses. Melio adheres to the same policies as Oxford Summer Courses.

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