Get up to speed with quantum mechanics and relativity, and see how they help us explore and describe the universe. From the history of the atom to the furthest reaches of cosmology.


Available for ages 13-24


Next intake from 02 August 2021


Programmes available from £875

"My tutor was extremely patient, kind, understanding and interesting, and helped me develop my interest in my chosen course in a way that makes me want to pursue my studies of it further."



Online courses in Physics

What you could learn:

  • Influences in (and on) the quantum realm

  • What makes scientific research rigorous?

  • Physical theories in describing nature

  • The true importance of relativity

Academic Online Course in Physics

Learn physics from world-class academics—all experts in the study of matter and energy. Academic online courses are a unique blend of independent learning, live online tutoring, and classroom webinars, designed to mimic the Oxford learning experience in just two weeks.

What's included?

  • 4 topics. Dive deeper into physics. For this subject, this might include topics like special relativity or the structure of an atom.

  • 2 live webinars. You've learned more about each topic. Now, discuss what you've learned with classmates from around the globe, in live, guided webinars.

  • 2 live tutorials. Learning in the classic Oxford style. During tutorials, discuss your individual questions, and get answers straight from the experts.

  • Independent project work and online activities. Learn at your pace, and receive personalised feedback throughout.

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Say hello to the global classroom

Throughout the online course, you'll take part in two live webinars, led by an expert. Spanning across continents and time zones, you'll hear diverse viewpoints from classmates around the globe, and have the chance to share your own. And it's hosted on our own secure platform, designed with your safety and privacy in mind.

Dr Tariq Parker

University of Oxford

Physics from the experts

Our tutors are world-class academics who love physics – and love to share what they know about it. This is what sets Melio apart. It’s a chance to learn challenging material, from the experts who know it best.

Other ways to learn Physics with Melio


Delve into physics with unrivalled university-style teaching. You’ll get individual attention in one-hour online tutorials with a leading academic, plus assignments and comprehensive feedback.

Available from £1,250.

Melio Guidance

Unsure how best to prepare for a future of studying physics at university in the UK? Get practical guidance to prepare for your future. A powerful mix of academic attention, admissions advice and insight from the experts who have been there.

Available from £1,470.


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