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What's the difference between online learning and adaptive learning? What's inclusive learning, and how can it make for a more enriching online learning experience? How do I choose the right course provider when there are so many out there?

If you're new to online learning, we're seeking to demystify some of the terms and concepts that can help set an online course apart from the rest. We've produced this guide to help you to understand how it all really works, answering questions such as:

  • How can online learning be more effective than in-person tuition?

  • What is adaptive learning?

  • Which tangible outcomes should you expect from an effective online course?

  • What are the benefits of online learning for students?

  • How can online learning improve your confidence?

  • How can an online tuition help you in choosing the right university subject for you?

  • How can online tuition help to improve study skills?

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