University guidance from expert tutors

Tailored, one-on-one support and coaching from an expert, experienced tutor. Size up your options, sharpen your skills, and make the perfect application for further study. Your future starts right here.


Build a meaningful relationship with a leading tutor


Develop vital skills to support your application


Learn how the whole admissions process works in 8 weeks


Keep your parents up to speed with your progress

What's included?

10 one-on-one sessions

Giving you and your future truly focused attention

5 core skills

From navigating your options to writing your personal statement

5 chosen skills

Such as building your confidence or managing your time

1 special discussion

Connecting your parents and your tutor, to discuss your future


For 16 and 17-year-olds


Guidance takes place over 8 weeks


Price of Guidance programme is £1,470

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Your unique potential. Your unique path.

This isn’t about ticking off generic skills. You’ll only succeed if you play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses. That’s why – as well as developing the fundamentals of a successful application – you’ll get to tailor your experience. Focusing on the practical and emotional areas you’ll find most useful.

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It's about you, not us

The only person who can get you into university is you. Our job is to support and steer you as you find your best option, make your best application, and bring out your very best. And here’s the thing: the skills and experience you pick up along the way will equip you for your whole life, not just this phase of it.

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Start with our free e-book

Why has online learning become such a popular option? Can taking an online course really support learning? We’ve produced this guide to help you to understand how it all really works, with an in-depth exploration of topics such as:

  • Learn more effectively: 5 ways online learning can be a better choice

  • How personalised learning, adapted to you, can help you to master new concepts

  • 5 tangible outcomes from an online course

  • The benefits of online learning for students

  • How is Melio Education different from other online course providers?

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Helping hand. Expert insight.

Once upon a time, our tutors went through the application process themselves. And now they’ve seen it from the other side too. They’re perfectly placed to explain how everything works and how to stand out. And they’ll help you make a sensible, practical plan for your time with them, and after.

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You're not alone

The most successful applicants have a strong support network. So, we’ll encourage your parents or guardians to join your first and last sessions, where you’ll create and then evaluate your plan of action. And alongside your own sessions, we’ll schedule a direct discussion between them and your tutor.

Lose the guesswork

Your Melio university report helps to take the guesswork out of applying to university. With powerful AI technology we tell you your exact chances of getting into each course and show you how to improve them. So you know where to focus your efforts - and how to best present your application.




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