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Explore all the options. Whichever subject you choose, all our online courses guarantee more than just an enriching academic experience. Taught over 2 weeks, Melio Academic Online Courses equips you for your next steps, and beyond.

Melio online courses in Biotechnology and Genetics

  • Fundamental principles of biotechnology and genetics

  • Assessing their impact on everyday life, now and next

  • Theoretical frameworks and research methods

  • Cutting-edge discoveries and how to ensure more

Biotechnology and Genetics

Deepen your understanding of biology, learn how it’s shaping the technology (and people) of tomorrow, and get ready to join in. The next breakthrough could be yours.

Melio online courses in Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Principles of business and entrepreneurship

  • Marketing, competition and globalisation

  • How to pitch your ideas and set up your own business

  • Real-world case studies of success and failure

Business and Entrepreneurship

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with our online business courses. Learn the principles and practicalities of building a robust company – from a simple start-up to a beloved brand – and see them in action.

Melio online courses in Computer Science

  • Why computers need to speak multiple languages

  • Why code exists, and its impact on how we think

  • The fundamental principles of programming

  • The core skills of coding, and how to create your own

Computer Science

The future is written in programming language. There’s never been a better time to get fluent. Develop your own coding skills as you consider the way programming shapes our world and the way we think.

Melio online courses in Economics

  • The impact of economics throughout everyday life

  • The relationship of macro and microeconomics

  • The impact of markets and competition

  • How to measure economic performance


Learn to think like an economist and put yourself at the heart of modern economic debate. With fundamental concepts and theories that help us understand our world, and ourselves.

Melio online courses in English Literature and Creative Writing

  • Interpreting messages in literary writing

  • Close analysis of various texts through the ages

  • The origins and theories of creative writing

  • How to engage your reader in prose and poetry

English Literature and Creative Writing

Your next chapter begins here. Get to grips with great works throughout the ages, examine literary craft in action through close readings of key texts, and watch your own writing blossom.

Melio online courses in International Relations and Politics

  • The roots of nationalism and the notion of common good

  • Close analysis of conflicts and their global ramifications

  • The social impact of freedom, liberty and equality

  • Systems of authority and law: do they ever really work?

International Relations and Politics

Question the world around you by picking up the theories and tools to see the truth in international politics, from the nature of diplomacy to the causes of conflict.

Melio online courses in Law

  • What makes a legal system morally just?

  • Legal conflicts and controversies

  • The difficulty of applying international law

  • Human rights and public morality


Challenge your fundamental notions of law and order. You’ll see how the law aims to solve problems on both a national and international level, and learn how to make your case like a lawyer.

Melio online courses in Mathematics

  • The essentials of mathematical thinking

  • Using maths as a basis for arguments

  • Fundamental mathematical theory

  • Solving mathematical problems practically


Lay the groundwork for all further study by mastering the principles and practice of logic. You’ll explore what makes an argument rigorous and how to prove (or disprove) a mathematical argument.

Melio online courses in Medicine

  • Molecular medicine in theory and practice

  • The importance of context in therapeutics

  • How academia and industry innovate together

  • Conduct literature review and data analysis


Examine medicine at a molecular level. Learn the importance of understanding normal function in tackling human disease, and see how new research could fundamentally redefine medical treatment.

Melio online courses in Physics

  • Influences in (and on) the quantum realm

  • What makes scientific research rigorous?

  • Physical theories in describing nature

  • The true importance of relativity


Get up to speed with quantum mechanics and relativity, and see how they help us explore and describe the universe. From the history of the atom to the furthest reaches of cosmology.

Melio online courses in Psychology

  • The history and impact of psychological study

  • How psychology governs our interactions

  • Neuroanatomy and the physiology of the brain

  • Understanding and describing abnormal psychology


Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. You’ll grasp the core concepts of modern psychology – from neuroanatomy to theories of behaviour – and explore the complexity of mental health.


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