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Are you aged 15-18 and thinking about your academic future? Learn with Melio and:

Get claritiy on what you want to study

With Melio we give you the opportunity to study with Oxford and Cambridge tutors who will help you to discover your passion.

Learn subjects you can't learn in school

It is easy to expand your horizons.  Learn subjects you are interested in at your own pace and tailored to you.

Build confidence

Our expert tutors will support you and help you grow confident in your chosen subject.  You will also get a taster of what university learning is all about.

The power of feedback

Our tutors will give you feedback every step of the way.  This will help you to grow and enhance your learning experience.

Recommended by parents and students, over 400 students rely on us to get better grades at school and go to better universities

Emily - Germany

"I was able to find a new passion for learning; I learned so many new concepts - every tutorial was fun and interesting."

George - USA

"After doing a Melio course my subject understanding has improved, now I feel more confident about university study and my school grades have improved"

Three different options, each suited to your problems
Planning for your future doesn't need to be a daunting task. Try some subjects to help you find your passion.

Arts and Humanities

Biotechnology and Genetics

Business and Entrepreneurship

Computer Science


English Literature and Creative Writing

International relations and politics






Learn from experts who have gotten into top universities

Dr Tariq Parker


MSc University of Oxford; MBBS University of the West Indies

Dr Tariq Parker was awarded the Jamaica Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University where he completed his Msc. in Neuroscience.

Dr Bethan Manley

Biotechnology and Genetics

PhD, University of Cambridge; MSci, University of Bristol

Dr Bethan Murphy is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge.

Antonio Potenza

Business and Entrepreneurship

MBA, University of Oxford

Antonio has previously held several senior executive roles in investment banking, corporate finance in SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and public companies (Fortune 500).

Ilkem Sevgili

Biotechnology and Genetics

MRes Bioengineering; BSc Molecular Biology and Genetics

Ilkem is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, working on a project entitled "Building a 'cochlea-on-a-chip' bioelectric model".


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