Mathematics One-on-One

Build on the foundations of your mathematics knowledge, in bespoke 1:1 tutorials designed to challenge your thinking and shape your understanding.

"The Melio course has helped to enrich my understanding not just of the topics covered but within the study of my own college subjects."




Available for ages 13-24


Packages of 10, 20, 30, or 60 hours


Programmes available from £1,250

One-on-one tutoring in Mathematics

One-on-one tutorials are bespoke; designed around the topics you want to learn within mathematics. Topics you learn about could include:

  • Introduction to differential equations: direct integration

  • Reduction to separable form by substitution

  • First order linear differential equations

  • Introduction to the homogeneous and inhomogeneous cases for linear ODEs with constant coefficients

One-on-one tutorials in Mathematics

Learn mathematics from world-class experts—all with masterful knowledge to share. One-on-one tutorials, led by a leading academic, with engaging assignments and comprehensive feedback.

Build academic confidence

It's the method of teaching used at the University of Oxford for centuries - and for good reason. One-on-one tutorials are designed to support your academic growth, by challenging the way that you think, while in discussion with a subject expert. You'll be provided with tailored feedback along the way - helping you to grow throughout the programme (and beyond).

Dr Thomas Baker

Imperial College London

Mathematics from the experts

Our tutors are leading academics who love mathematics – and love to share what they know about it. This is what sets Melio apart. It’s a chance to learn challenging material, from the experts who know it best.

Other ways to learn mathematics with Melio

Academic Programmes

Expand your knowledge of mathematics with Melio Academic Programmes. You’ll get individual attention in two one-hour online tutorials with a leading academic, two live webinars with students from around the world, plus self-paced learning with independent assignments. And it's hosted on our own secure platform, designed with your safety and privacy in mind.

Available from £875.

Melio Guidance

Unsure how best to prepare for a future of studying your subject? Get practical guidance to prepare for your future. A powerful mix of academic attention, admissions advice and insight from the experts who have been there.

Available from £1,470.


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