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Learn one-on-one with leading academics. Learn with your peers in group seminars. Learn what you love, and where to go next. Online learning. And onwards.


Online learning, from the safety and comfort of home.


Connect directly with an Oxford or Cambridge tutor.


Learn what you love and get advice for further study.


Choose the subject, course type, duration and times that suit you.

Three kinds of course. One clear path.

One-on-one tutoring

Sample your subject with unrivalled university-style teaching. You’ll get individual attention in one-hour tutorials with a leading Oxford or Cambridge academic, plus assignments and comprehensive feedback.

Academic programmes

Enhance your knowledge with a structured syllabus and group seminars, designed and led by an expert tutor. These intensive two-week courses also give you access to in-depth online resources.

Support and coaching

Get pastoral and practical guidance to prepare for your future. A powerful mix of academic attention, admissions advice and insight from tutors who teach at Oxford and Cambridge.

1 One-on-one tutoring

Get a solid grounding in the subject you love, or think you’ll love, with the prestigious Oxford tutorial method. In short: one-on-one teaching from a global authority. Online learning, precisely tailored to you.

  • 1:1 tutoring from an expert academic

  • 10, 20, 30 or 60 hours of tutorial teaching

  • Personalised assignments and feedback

2 Academic online courses

Strengthen your knowledge and sharpen your study skills in our rigorous two-week online courses. Featuring interactive seminars with an expert tutor, alongside a carefully matched group of fellow students.

  • Two-week syllabus with in-depth resources

  • Small seminars led by an expert Oxford academic (no more than 9 students)

  • Exchange ideas with a small set of your peers

3 Support and coaching

We can’t get you into a prestigious university. But we can show you exactly what it takes, and help you harness your potential. Connect with an expert tutor and learn what Oxford is like from the inside.

  • Academic guidance in your subject

  • Personal coaching and pastoral support

  • Meaningful connection for your future

Dr Tariq Parker

University of Oxford

Experts on your side

Our tutors are Oxford and Cambridge academics who love their subject – and love to share it. This is more than online learning. It’s a chance to forge meaningful, long-lasting connections with true experts.

A company with credentials

We’re part of the Bridgemark group alongside Oxford Summer Courses, an award-winning education provider that’s been sharing the magic of Oxford tutorial teaching with the world for more than a decade.

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Why has online learning become such a popular option? Can taking an online course really support learning? We’ve produced this guide to help you to understand how it all really works, with an in-depth exploration of topics such as:

  • Learn more effectively: 5 ways online learning can be a better choice

  • How personalised learning, adapted to you, can help you to master new concepts

  • 5 tangible outcomes from an online course

  • The benefits of online learning for students

  • How is Melio Education different from other online course providers?

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