The power of connection

When it comes to harnessing your potential, nothing beats education. And when it comes to education, nothing beats direct, personal attention from your teacher. Melio uses online learning to help that happen.

Tradition through technology

Melio online courses are modelled on the prestigious tutorial system that has set the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge apart for centuries. One-on-one attention, comprehensive feedback on your work, and the chance to defend your thinking with a true expert. All alongside students every bit as driven as you. Thanks to modern tools and technology, we can share that experience with even more people. Online learning has never been so powerful.

Based on experience

Melio is part of Bridgemark Education, founded by two school friends and Oxford graduates who wanted to open up exceptional educational journeys to more people. There’s Oxford Summer Courses, an award-winning education company that’s brought thousands of students to the heart of Oxford – and the Oxford tutorial system – over the last decade. And there’s Universify, a charity that works with underprivileged schools in the UK to boost attainment and aspirations in their students. Encouraging them to consider further study at top universities.


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Melio is part of Bridgemark and a sister company to Oxford Summer Courses. Melio adheres to the same policies as Oxford Summer Courses.

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