Our Academic Online Course introduces you to the core concepts of modern Psychology.  From neuroanatomy to theories of behaviour, we give you a taster of the subject so that you are ready for university study.

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Learn Psychology online

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Spend two weeks learning Psychology from world-leading academics— and leave feeling confident. Through a programme of self-paced learning and live classes, join an unforgettable learning experience.

Gain confidence to discuss your subject with world-class academics and admissions tutors

Experience university-style learning so that you are ready for your next step

Encounter fresh perspectives from your cohort of 6-9 international students

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Your expert tutor

Gill Ragsdale

Gillian R.


Gill has taught, tutored, and lectured students at A Level and undergraduate level, including teaching at the University of Cambridge and The Open University. She has also worked in educational publishing so is an expert in communicating her subject. She is the perfect tutor to help you deepen your knowledge of psychology.

How the course works

You'll learn through a mixture of webinars, tutorials and self-paced study over the two weeks of the course:

  • Four modules of study. Work at your own pace through four modules available to you on our learning platform anytime, day or night.

  • Two live webinars. Take your new knowledge into your weekly live webinars and share ideas with classmates from around the globe, guided by your expert tutor.

  • Two live tutorials. Discuss your individual questions with your tutor and get answers straight from the experts, as you learn in the classic Oxford style.

  • Regular feedback. Complete frequent knowledge checks and receive instant feedback, plus receive personalised feedback on one longer assignment.

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Gain confidence

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Learn flexibly

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Study your way

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Psychology Course Overview


Social intelligence

What is special about social intelligence and social skills?

Have you ever looked around you and wondered why people behave the way they do? What does it mean to have ‘good social skills’ or ‘social intelligence’? After meeting your tutor and class-mates you'll discuss human behaviour and learn to make sense of what goes on in the world.





The good and the bad news about empathy.

If there were a vote for the one skill essential for good social relationships then empathy, the ability to understand another person’s feelings, would likely win. But empathy is not simple. You'll understand this from a psychological perspective, through self-study and class discussion.




Trust and mistrust

Explore the concepts of trust and mistrust

You'll explore concept of trust, a trait that underpins social relationships. You will learn how different kinds of trusting behaviour influence whole neighbourhoods and countries. Your tutor will challenge you to think deeply about this concept and reinforce your knowledge through self-study.




Co-operation, altruism, spite

What about co-operation, altruism and spite

To finish off your Academic Online Course you'll explore co-operation, altruism and spite. Spite has a bad reputation but it has its roots in a desire for fairness and justice. You'll look at evolutionary psychology, being taught through webinars and tutorials and finishing any independent project work you have.




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Questions you may have

Our Academic Online Courses cost £875 for a two-week course.

Our Academic Online Courses are suitable for students aged 13-24. We split students into groups according to age, ability and experience so though the age range for the courses is wide, students normally study with peers of a similar age.

When you purchase a Melio course or program we will give you access to our innovative learning platform so that you can work through the self-paced content whenever you want, and log in to join live webinars and tutorials. The platform is best accessed using a desktop or laptop computer.

When you sign up, we will provide information about the course timetable in advance so that you can attend the live sessions. The sessions are designed to take place in evenings in your time zone so that they fit with school and other commitments.

To access the course you just need a desktop or laptop computer with a reliable internet connection and a microphone and camera. You do not require any specific study materials during your course, other than making sure that you can take notes as you need, so you may want a notepad or to use Google Docs or the notes function on your phone or tablet.

No prior knowledge is required to take one of our Academic Online Courses, just a desire to learn! Some students in your class may have studied the subject previously but our courses are designed to provide an introduction to university style teaching and we assume that you have not already studied the subject at university. The courses take place in English so you should feel confident to read, write, listen and speak in English in order to take part. In your tutorials you will be able to ask your tutor any specific questions that you have.

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