My Experience Studying Computer Science with Melio

Interested in finding out what it’s like to study Computer Science with Melio? Hear from one of our previous students, Danielle, about her experience.

Danielle Wicklund - 25 May 2021 · 5 min read

Want to hear a first-hand account of what it’s like to study with Melio? We asked Danielle, one of our Computer Science students, what her first experience with studying online was like.

Why did you choose to study with Melio?

Initially, I enrolled to study in-person and attend one of the Oxford Summer Courses classes. But because of this pandemic, I decided to switch online and study with their sister company and online learning platform, Melio Education.

Although I missed the chance to visit the University of Oxford's campus, I know I can always travel and explore this place when the world returns to a type of normal once again. Since I have always believed that one should take advantage of every learning opportunity, I decided to go for the Melio online education program and follow my passion of studying Computer Science.

Before you started studying Computer Science with Melio, what were your initial impressions?

Before I started my Computer Science course, I remember feeling ecstatic to be able to engage with a Computer Science expert from the comfort of my home, but I was also worried about how I would create rapport with my tutor. Online courses can create a disconnect and lack of a teaching presence. However, that initial trepidation disappeared completely during the first day of class. 

My tutor, Dr Prince Abudu, created an engaging introduction by sharing who he is, his research interests, and passion about the subject matter. He was able to establish connection and make his presence felt! You never fully realise how much more there is to learn about a subject up until you are tutored by someone like Dr Abudu who is so knowledgeable about other aspects that you did not even think about before. His command of knowledge in this field is impressive! I am blessed that he was the one chosen to be my mentor. 

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What content did you explore during your Computer Science course?

In my Computer Science course, we covered a wide array of topics such as; an introduction to Computer Science, intermediate Python programming, and machine learning. 

In particular, I enjoyed learning about how machine learning algorithms can perform prediction and classification. My tutor, Prince, set me a programming project to complete in-between our online sessions together. This was super insightful because it shed light on how these algorithms learn from data in the real-world.

How did you find learning the ‘Oxford’ way?

Prior to my Computer Science course, I had never experienced the Oxford tutorial format. Indeed, it is the "Jewel in the crown" of British education. 

I was impressed not only with the style of the tutorial but also with the manner in which my tutor was able to tailor-make the program to address my specific learning needs by focusing on my areas of weakness. The content and skills learned during these tutoring sessions were invaluable and have definitely helped to supplement my knowledge of Computer Science.

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How would you describe your experience of studying online?

There are a plethora of benefits associated with online learning and I was glad to experience them for myself.

To start, I liked the unique digital learning platform that Melio has built for its students. It allowed my tutor and I to collaborate on various tasks while simultaneously having the "live" class meeting component. 

Also, another benefit of online classes is that it can aid in advancing one's career and improving technical skills. The certificate and letter of recommendation that I received at the end of my Computer Science course are great additions to add to my resume. But on top of this, the technical skills and knowledge learned from this course can be used and discussed later in job and academic interviews. 

Overall, how did you find the experience?

Overall, by studying with Melio, I was able to succeed in the goals I set out to achieve initially; I gained a better appreciation and knowledge of Computer Science. 

The underlying systems, programs, and algorithms found in computer systems have an immense impact in our technology-driven society, and my tutor really helped me to cement my understanding of this.

By enrolling on this course I have obtained the skills that supplemented my existing knowledge, which was necessary for me to contribute and work in this field. 

Allow me to end by quoting Benjamin Franklin;

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

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