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Sally B.


MPhil University of Cambridge; BA Princeton University

Sally completed Columbia University’s Postbac Pre-medical Program and began working as a tutor and educational consultant. She is now part of a research team of medical sociologists at the University of Cambridge who study diagnostic innovation in the realm of oncology.


  • Progressing her ERC-funded research project

  • Teaching Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Genetics


Ilkem S.


MRes Bioengineering; BSc Molecular Biology and Genetics, Koc University, Turkey

Ilkem was a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Koc University, Turkey. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, working on a project entitled "Building a 'cochlea-on-a-chip' bioelectric model".


  • Currently completing her PhD

  • Teaching Biology, Biotechnology and Genetics


Antonio P.


MBA, University of Oxford

Antonio has held senior executive roles in investment banking and corporate finance in SMEs and public companies. His teaching experience includes being a tutor on the Oxford Entrepreneurs Venture Finance Program, and he is a member of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership.


  • Overseeing various companies

  • Teaching Business and Entrepreneurship


Prince A.


DPhil University of Oxford; BSc Morehouse College, USA

Prince is the COO of Emergination Africa (Harare, Zimbabwe), managing a team that is developing Africa's future human capital through offering demand driven skills and competencies training.


  • Completing DPhil at the University of Oxford

  • Teaching Computer Science


Dr Jane D.


PGCE, University of Oxford; PhD, University of Leicester

Jane has been a university lecturer for over 25 years in several countries, including India and Cyprus. She has taught all genres and periods of English Literature, specialising in modules on twentieth-century literature, contemporary poetry and postcolonial literature, including supervising dissertations.


  • Writing and publishing books on women's poetry

  • Teaching English Literature and Creative Writing


Dr Kieron W.


MA, University of Oxford; DPhil, University of Oxford

Kieron has over 30 years of teaching experience, across almost all levels. His poems have appeared widely in magazines, including New Statesman, The Spectator and The Times Literary Supplement, and have also appeared on the BBC. He has twice won, in 2013 and 2007, the University of Oxford’s most valuable literary award, the English Poem on a Sacred Subject Prize.


  • Author

  • Teaching English Literature and Creative Writing

Tejas Parikh

Dr Tejas P.


PhD Oxford Brookes University; MSc University of Sheffield

Tejas has over 10 years of university education, and has specialised in mathematics, physics and engineering. On top of this, he has over 16 years experience as a teacher, during which he has held positions at Oxford schools and Brunel University in London.


  • Publishing his research

  • Teaching Mathematics, Physics, Engineering


Oliver H.


BPhil, University of Oxford; BA, University of Oxford

Oliver holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from Oxford, in which he specialised in 20th century Political Philosophy and Analytical Marxism. He has now just completed a two-year postgraduate programme in philosophy, where his research focused primarily on logic, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mathematics. He has taught International Relations and Politics to a range of students—from high school students all the way up to postgraduates.


  • Teaching International Relations and Politics and Philosophy

Thomas B

Dr Thomas B.


MMath, University of Oxford; PhD in Mathematics, Imperial College London

Thomas has been providing mathematics tutoring for five years. He has experience teaching students from aged 11 through to university-level mathematics. For three years he taught undergraduate mathematics at Imperial College London, on a variety of mathematical topics.


  • Teaching Mathematics to a variety of academic levels


Dr Teresa S.


PhD Comparative Constitutional Law, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Previously a lecturer in constitutional law and human rights, Teresa also has experience as a private law tutor for international students at undergraduate and postgraduate level and has worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick. She currently lectures at UPEC in France.


  • Researcher advising law firms

  • Teaching Law


Dr Gillian R.


PhD Biological Anthropology and Psychology, University of Cambridge

Gillian has a PhD in biological anthropology and psychology from the University of Cambridge. She has taught psychology at all levels, from sixth-form to postgraduate, and currently lectures and writes on related topics.


  • Publishing academic papers in her field

  • Teaching Psychology


Dr David C.


MA University of Cambridge; MSc University of Leicester; MSc King’s College London; PhD University of Leicester

David has held lectureships and research posts at a number of academic institutions, including at the University of Oxford and the University of Leicester. His published papers have had over 300 citations.


  • Academic research

  • Teaching Physics


Dr Gregory S.


PhD International Relations, University of Kent at Canterbury; MSt Early Modern British and European History, University of Oxford

Gregory has taught for many years, both in High Schools and in the University Sector where he was a research fellow. He is currently Head of History at DLD College, London, where he teaches a wide range of courses.


  • Academic research and publishing

  • Teaching International Relations and Politics

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