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Dr Tariq Parker


Dr Tariq Parker

Dr Tariq Parker was awarded the Jamaica Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University where he completed his Msc. in Neuroscience, investigating animal and human neural stem cell models. He is currently pursuing a DPhil in Surgical Sciences in the Oxford Functional Neurosurgery group researching surgical techniques to treat chronic pain.

Hilden Allgaier

Business and Entrepreneurship

Hilden Allgaier

Hilden Allgaier holds an MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility, and has worked at the University of Oxford (Said Business School) for 4 years, as Social Innovation Manager. In 2019, she founded the successful Ehlo, an education start-up, aiming to accelerate the careers of million young people, with social and environmental input.
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Thomas Hunt

English Literature & Creative Writing

Thomas Hunt

Thomas Hunt is a published author, videographer, and doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford. He has four degrees in history, theology, education, and political thought. Born in England, Thomas moved to Canada when he was 10. He returned later to both permanently relocate and to study Political Thought and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge.

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