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MSc University of Oxford; MBBS University of the West Indies


Dr Tariq Parker

Dr Tariq Parker was awarded the Jamaica Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University where he completed his Msc. in Neuroscience, investigating animal and human neural stem cell models. He is currently pursuing a DPhil in Surgical Sciences in the Oxford Functional Neurosurgery group researching surgical techniques to treat chronic pain.

PhD, University of Cambridge; MSci, University of Bristol

Biotechnology and Genetics

Dr Bethan Manley

Dr Bethan Murphy is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge. She is studying the molecular machinery required for RNA silencing, a form of post-transcriptional gene expression regulation, in a species of fungus. She carries out a lot of next generation sequencing of the genomes of fungal organisms, as well as sequencing of RNA molecules. This project requires a lot of molecular biology work, as well as large amounts of bioinformatics and data analysis. She is working towards a permanent research position, perhaps in bioinformatics.

BA, MA, B.ED, MPhil, DPhil (current at University of Oxford)

English Literature & Creative Writing

Thomas Hunt

Thomas Hunt is a published author, videographer, and doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford. He has four degrees in history, theology, education, and political thought. Born in England, Thomas moved to Canada when he was 10. He returned later to both permanently relocate and to study Political Thought and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge.

MRes Bioengineering; BSc Molecular Biology and Genetics

Biology, Biotechnology and Genetics

Ilkem Sevgili

Before coming to the UK, Ilkem undertook research internships at University of Minnesota Medical School, USA (2015), the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute (2014) and  Genetics and Cytogenetics Laboratory at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Medical School in Turkey (2013). She has experience as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Koc University, Turkey. Ilkem is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, working on a project entitled "Building a 'cochlea-on-a-chip' bioelectric model".

MSc Molecular Biology and Genetics; BSc Biology and Genetics

Biology, Biotechnology and Genetics

Zeynep Ozturk

Zeynep is a scientific researcher who has already published papers in academic journals and presented her work at international conferences. She also enjoys science communication and teaching others about biology. Her subject specialisms include cell biology, genetics, genome editing and CRISPR gene editing, neurodegenerative diseases, motor neuron diseases, drosophila (fly) genetics, microscopy, and molecular biology.

MPhil University of Cambridge; BA Princeton University

Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Genetics

Sally Butler

Before Cambridge, Sally completed her undergraduate studies at Princeton University with honours, where she studied English and Global Health & Health Policy. After Princeton, she moved to New York City to work as a program coordinator for a non-profit organization targeting childhood literacy in underserved communities. While in New York, she completed Columbia University’s Postbac Pre-medical Program and began working as a tutor and educational consultant. Sally is now part of a research team of medical sociologists at the University of Cambridge who study diagnostic innovation in the realm of oncology.

MSc Accounting and Finance

Economics, Business

Alawi Muthana

Alawi has previously worked in finance, accounting, market research, IT and management, including for the NHS. Alawi is currently a Business and Economics tutor at MPW College, Cambridge, where he teaches these subjects to students at different levels. Alongside teaching, Alawi has been studying for a Masters in education at UCL and his academic ambition is to complete a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE), Oxford Brookes University Master of Business Administration (MBA), The Open University BA (Hons) English Language, University of Pannonia, Hungary

Business and Entrepreneurship

Henrietta Nagy

Henrietta earned her Bachelor’s degree in Hungary, before studying for her MBA and Postgraduate certificate in Teaching in the United Kingdom. She’s currently a module leader and associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, as well as member of the Association of MBAs. Henrietta has been involved in a number of entrepreneurship research projects, and hopes to one day achieve an excellence in teaching.

MBA, University of Oxford

Business and Entrepreneurship

Antonio Potenza

Antonio has previously held several senior executive roles in investment banking, corporate finance in SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and public companies (Fortune 500), as well as investment banking and corporate finance at Unicredit SpA. He also has a variety of teaching experience including as a tutor in Oxford Entrepreneurs Venture Finance Program, and is a member of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, University of Cambridge. Antonio is Founder and CEO of Proodos Impact Capital London; Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CrowdFund17 in London, Chairman of AstonBlackstone International LLC, Switzerland. is most recent business project, launched June 2020,  involves research work with the University of Oxford advising governments in social projects that build on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in clean energy, education, social and financial inclusion initiatives in Sub Saharan Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

DPhil (final year) University of Oxford; BSc Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia

Computer Science

Prince Abudu

Prior to studying in the UK, Prince was educated in Zimbabwe and the USA. He has undertaken several internships including at Cummins Inc. (2014, 2015), Genentech (2016 ), and Distributed Power Africa (2019). During these posts he analysed and generated actionable insights from over 500,000 data samples for power management of a telecoms network. Prince is currently in the final year of his DPhil at the University of Oxford, for which he was awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. He is based in the Indoor Positioning and Cyber-physical Systems Group, Department of Science, where his role entails researching distributed communication for resource constrained systems. He is also the COO of Emergination Africa, (Harare, Zimbabwe), managing a team that is developing Africa's future human capital through offering demand driven skills and competencies training.

PGCE, University of Oxford PhD; University of Leicester

English Literature and Creative Writing

Dr Jane Dowson

Jane has been a University Lecturer for over 25 years in several countries, including India and Cyprus. She has taught all genres and periods of English Literature, specialising in modules on Twentieth-Century Literature, Contemporary Poetry and Postcolonial Literature, including supervising dissertations. Jane has been Head of Department, Admissions Tutor, coordinator for International students and more. She headed up a programme in PGCE Secondary English and co-edited Learning to Teach English in the Secondary School. She has also published widely on women’s poetry. Jane is currently an Honorary Reader in Twentieth-Century Literature at De Montfort University where she is actively researching—currently an article on TS Eliot and Carol Ann Duffy for an Indian journal. She has recently edited a Special Issue on Modernist Women Poets for an online peer-reviewed journal, Humanities.

MA, University of Oxford; DPhil, University of Oxford

English Literature and Creative Writing

Dr Kieron Winn

Dr Kieron Winn read English at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was subsequently awarded a doctorate for a thesis on Herbert Read and T. S. Eliot. His poems have appeared widely in magazines, anthologies, and on the BBC. He lives in Oxford, where he is a freelance teacher of literature and creative writing. He has twice won, in 2013 and 2007, the University of Oxford’s most valuable literary award, the English Poem on a Sacred Subject Prize. He is a poet and teacher, with a teaching career spanning over 25 years.

PhD International Relations (University of Kent at Canterbury); MSt Early Modern British and European History (University of Oxford)

International Relations and Politics

Dr Gregory Slysz

Dr Slysz has taught for many years, both at high school and in the university sector where he was a research fellow. Gregory is currently Head of History at DLD College, London, where he teaches a wide range of courses. His academic aim is to further his research interests in two main areas: The rise and fall of Soviet Union (the theme of his Ph.D thesis), and early modern English history, particularly the Reformation, on which he has published widely including a biography of Queen Mary Tudor and papers on the dissolution of the English monasteries.

BPhil, University of Oxford; BA, University of Oxford

International Relations and Politics, Philosophy

Oliver Hurcum

Oliver Hurcum graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in PPE in 2017. As an undergraduate, he specialised in 20th century Political Philosophy and Analytical Marxism. He specialises in the more technical side of contemporary Philosophy—especially Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, and Philosophy of Language. Oliver has just completed a 2-year postgraduate programme in Philosophy, where his research focussed primarily on Logic, Metaphysics, and the Philosophy of Mathematics.

PhD Comparative Constitutional Law


Dr Teresa Silva

Previously a Lecturer in Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Teresa also has experience as a private law tutor for international students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She has a significant publications record including one monograph in Comparative Constitutional Law, a book in Human Rights, as well as a large number of articles. As evidence of her research esteem, she was the winner of the “Estimulo” prize in Human Rights Law granted by the Argentina Academy of Law and she also won the “Accésit” prize in Constitutional Law, granted by the Argentine Bar Association. Currently an independent researcher advising law firms, academics and public bodies on comparative law, Teresa is a member of the International Constitutional Law Association, Argentina Association of Constitutional Law and City of Buenos Aires Bar Association. 

MMath, University of Oxford; PhD in Mathematics, Imperial College London


Dr Thomas Baker

Having spent many years working on both mathematical research and teaching at undergraduate level, Dr Baker is currently focusing on developing his teaching skills. Dr Baker has been providing mathematics tutoring for 5 years. He has experience teaching from year 7 through to university level mathematics. For three years he taught undergraduate mathematics at Imperial College London in a variety of mathematical topics. Dr Baker has also been working as an A-level tutor for a year and has worked with students with a variety of ability levels.

PhD Oxford Brookes University, UK; MSc University of Sheffield, UK

Mathematics, Physics, Engineering

Dr Tejas Parikh

Dr Parikh has over 10 years of university education, where he’s specialised in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering. On top of this, he has over 16 years experience as a teacher, where he has held positions at a number of Oxford schools and as a lecturer at Brunel University in London. Dr Parikh holds a number of academic and research achievements, including: PhD - Stress analysis in superconducting wires; “An etching method based axisymmetric solution for the determination of residual stresses in long fibre reinforced metal matrix composites ”, Journal of composite materials, Vol 48, Issue 19, 2014; “Residual stress and strain distribution in Nb3Sn superconducting wire at the room and operating temperature, 4K”, Superconductor Science and Technology (in process). He is also a member of several professional institutions, including STEMNET, National Association of Mathematics Advisers (NAMA), National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), and others.

MA University of Cambridge; MSc University of Leicester; MSc King’s College London; PhD University of Leicester


Dr David Cole

Dr David Cole has previously held lectureships and research posts at a number of academic institutions, including Pembroke College (University of Oxford), Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, (University of Oxford) Jeremiah Horrocks Institute (University of Central Lancashire), and the University of Leicester. His research has involved investigationing the distribution of dark matter in dwarf galaxies, modelling the merger of the Milky Way and M31, investigating the formation of nuclear star clusters and black holes at the centre of galaxies, modelling the matter distribution in the Milky Way, and investigating the formation and evolution of the Milky Way. He has published a number of papers in major scientific journals and presented his research at conferences around the world. His papers have over 300 citations.

BA, Philosophy, University of Chicago; MA, Education, Long Island University; MA, Education, UCLA; Certified Teacher, New York City (2004); Licensed Psychotherapist, California (2011)

Psychology, Sociology, Leadership & Political Philosophy

Mitch Artman

Mitch Artman was educated in the USA, where he earned his teaching certification and became a licensed psychotherapist in 2011. Since then, he has undertake a role at a private psychotherapy practice, and taught his specialist subject as a tutor in several schools. During his career, Mitch has also completed a number of internships and research projects, including a non-fiction depth Psychology analysis of The Matrix films; internship at Twin Towers Correctional Facility and an internship at the Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County.

MD, India; PhD, Sweden


Dr Senthil Vasan Kandaswamy

Before university, Senthil Vasan was educated in India, where he undertook a medical internship at Christian Medical College, Vellore. Since qualifying, he has been a Consultant Endocrinologist in India and a Tutor at Pembroke College, Oxford. His academic achievements include being a recipient of British Heart Foundation and Medical Research Council grants to study cardiovascular diabetes risk in Asian Indians and Africans in comparison with Caucasians from the UK. Senthil Vasan is currently a Senior research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Churchill Hospital. He leads projects relating to prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the UK, Africa and India. His research aims at finding risk factors that places an individual at increased susceptibility to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

PhD Biological Anthropology and Psychology, University of Cambridge


Dr Gillian Ragsdale

Dr Gillian Ragsdale has a PhD in biological anthropology and psychology from the University of Cambridge. Her particular areas of interest are social cognition and neuroscience, epigenetic regulation of mental processes, mental health and evolutionary psychology. Dr Ragsdale has taught psychology at all levels, from sixth-form to post-graduate, and currently lectures and writes on related topics.

PhD Fine Arts

Arts and Humanities

Dr Stelios Manganis

Dr Stelios Manganis is an Artist, Researcher and Academic. His practice involves the use of mechanisms in installations, sculpture and performance, as he analyses the paradox of employing technology so as to come closer to what is human and natural. He has worked extensively in the European Film & Media industry as an Animator, Media Producer and Film Service Producer. Dr Manganis holds a Masters with Distinction in Contemporary Arts and a PhD in Fine Art. He has received awards and grants by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, the European Union and the Experimental Psychology Society, and his work has been featured in art and interdisciplinary publications.

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