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03 February, 2021

14 Benefits of Online Learning

What are the benefits of online learning? From cheaper costs to a variety of subjects to choose from, discover 14 of the most impactful benefits of a distance learning course.

by Katie Broadbent · 11 min read

Over the past decade, and in the last year particularly, online learning has shown significant areas of growth. With advances in technology allowing students to connect with some of the best educators in the world, distance learning courses were thrust into the spotlight when international lockdowns in March 2020 impacted around 70% of the student population. 

Despite the pandemic forcing many school and university students to take up online learning opportunities, research and forecasting markets had already predicted distance learning courses to surge in popularity over the coming years, with some predicting it (pre-pandemic) to be worth $350 billion in 2025. 

It’s clear that there’s a huge demand for students to learn online; aside from short course providers, top tier universities are also democratising the higher education industry by making specific courses accessible online. 

But what is it that makes online learning such a popular choice for so many students nowadays? Well, we’ve collated a list of the top 14 benefits of online learning - take a look at them below. 

1. Less classroom distractions

Okay. You’re not going to eliminate all distractions whilst studying remotely - I’m sure we’ve all been sucked into a TikTok video marathon on our phones and wasted half an hour (or more) of our lives. 

However, when you create a study space for yourself and mute your phone notifications for an hour, you are far less likely to be distracted from other factors which may have distracted you if you were in a classroom. e.g. no one coughing, or talking amongst themselves, or tapping pens. Just you and your tutor or course materials. Complete learning zen.

2. Access to expert tutors

No matter where you are in the world, the power of online learning technology allows you to connect to some of the best educators and industry professionals. As long as time zones and schedules allow for it, there’s no reason why you couldn’t study with an expert who lives on the other side of the world to you.

For Melio, the majority of our tutors have either studied or taught at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as at many other top universities in the world. This means when you study with us, you can rest assured that you’re learning from some of the most knowledgeable, expert, and passionate tutors in the industry.

3. Cheaper course prices

A huge draw to distance learning courses is the lower entry price point. Because so many in-person courses rely on physical necessities such as classroom spaces, travel, and accommodation costs, the removal of these make online learning opportunities a lot cheaper. 

The price will vary between different online course providers, so it’s important to carry out some research to make sure the course is right for you. Although you may be looking for cheaper online courses, you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want from the course.  For example, sometimes a cheaper course will not offer live teaching, meaning you’re learning from pre-recorded videos. Some students prefer to learn this way, but others prefer to have live interactions so they can have their questions answered as they learn the material. Work out exactly what you want from a distance learning course, and then take your research from there.

4. Flexible learning

Busy schedule? Limited on free time? Need something that fits in around your other schooling or work? Online learning is usually quite flexible, and allows you to fit in your teaching around your lifestyle. 

For Melio Tutorials - our private online learning opportunity - you can choose from a number of flexible online tutoring packages to suit your learning needs and time. Starting from 10 hours of learning, you can choose when and how to book your sessions, with the opportunity to extend as you move through your online tutoring. 

Meanwhile, our Academic Online Courses only have four hours of timetabled teaching. The rest can be completed and scheduled to fit in around you - totally flexible and personal to you.

5. Learn at your own pace (sometimes)

If your online course uses asynchronous learning - that is, learning in your own time at your own pace, e.g. through online reading rather than scheduled live weekly classes with you and a group of other students - then you are able to control the pace to suit your learning style. 

If you find a topic easy, you may be able to speed through it. Alternatively if you’re stuck on something, there’s no pressure from other students’ progression to hurry through or get left behind. The learning can be conducted as and when you want, and revisited as often as you need to. 

6. Skill development

Online learning presents a new host of challenges that are unique to the difficulties you may encounter when studying at school, college or university. For example, if you’re not already, you may need to become more computer literate, especially if your online learning programme is taught on a platform that’s new to you. 

Predominantly, the biggest difference between online learning and traditional classroom teaching is the need for you to be a self-starter. That is, your success and achievements will depend largely on your self-discipline and self-motivation - forcing yourself to lock away all distractions at home and focus in on your learning. 

You will also need to create and stick to your own study schedule, and ensure you meet deadlines and attend classes when required. Your tutor isn’t there to guide you in the same way as in-class teaching, so you need to be prepared to motivate yourself to complete work as and when you need to. 

It may seem like hard work now, but it will develop so many skills that will be beneficial to you throughout your education and career.

7. Create a global network

When participating in a distance learning course, you’ll be learning alongside a group of like-minded students from all over the world. It’s a chance to network with others who share similar interests, sharing tips and tricks for progressing in your career, and even sharing opportunities you think may be of use to one another. 

Be sure to keep in contact once your course is over - you never know who you could end up collaborating with one day!

It’s important to note that this is only the case for synchronous online learning courses (where you study in real time). Asynchronous learning is usually carried out on your own, which means you probably won’t meet any other students. So, if you do want to meet and network with others, make sure you choose a course that allows you to do so. 

8. Inclusive learning

Due to the limitations of remote learning, distance learning courses tend to be significantly smaller than physical in-person classes and university lectures, meaning a more inclusive, community spirit is created amongst a passionate group of students who want to learn.

We’re firm believers that inclusive learning makes for more enriching online learning experience. That’s why our Academic Online Courses welcome no more than 10 students to each course. 


It means that every voice is heard during webinars, and everyone is encouraged to participate. It also means that your tutor has the capacity to run one-on-one tutorials with you and provide detailed feedback on work. The result? An unrivalled online learning experience with plenty of impact. 

9. Learn at home

With everything that’s currently going on in the world, online learning means there’s never been a safer way to learn from some of the best educators. 

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a computer, a good Wi-Fi connection, and a passion for expanding your knowledge, then you can participate in pretty much any online learning opportunity you wish to. All from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your own home.

For those who live somewhere remote, or a significant distance from the educational institution you wish to study at, then online learning enables you to still gain access to the courses you want to study, without having to spend lots of money and time in travel and accommodation.

10. Choose almost any subject

One of the greatest things about online learning is the opportunities it opens to students in terms of what they can study. Because there are so many course providers out there, there are plenty of subjects and courses to choose from. 

From traditional subjects like Mathematics, English Literature, and Physics, to university-style subjects like Medicine, Law, or Biotechnology and Genetics - you can study pretty much anything you like online. 

Even with Melio Tutorials, if you want to study a subject that isn’t listed on our website, then get in contact and we’ll be happy to try and find a specialist tutor to provide you with expert online tutoring. 

11. Get ahead of your peers

Starting A-Levels or university soon? Or just want to get ahead in your subject before the new term? Online tutoring and other distance learning courses are the perfect way to boost your knowledge, gain a new perspective on a topic and start with a solid foundation of knowledge on which to build on.

It’s the perfect way to gain a competitive edge against your peers, especially if you’re looking for ways to make any applications to universities or potential employers shine. Nothing shows commitment to bettering yourself than pursuing a learning opportunity in your free time!

12. Boost your CV

Online courses are a great way of boosting your CV or helping your university applications to shine. Showing future universities or employers that you spent your free time working to improve your knowledge of a subject shows a great deal of commitment and passion - it will all work in your favour!

This can be particularly helpful for those who may have taken a break from education or work, or who are potentially looking to retrain. You’ll be demonstrating your commitment to learning, as well as a dedication to the subject you wish to study or pursue as a career. Plus, a short online course will get you back into the rhythm of studying  once again. 

To make your online learning experience as impactful as possible, all of our online learning programmes are topped off with a certificate of completion for you to keep. You’ll also receive a personalised letter of recommendation from your tutor, showing the progress you’ve made during your time with us - which many students use towards applications for education and work.

For students applying to university in the near future, we also offer a Melio Guidance online programme, designed to help you narrow down your university options and make the most impactful application possible. Working one-on-one with an experienced tutor, they’ll help guide you through the application process, helping you to develop critical skills needed for the process, and for the future when you arrive at university. 

13. Sample university subjects

Torn between wanting to study 2 subjects at university? Trying to narrow down your A-Levels? Think you may want a career change?

Online courses are a great way to sample a subject without the rigidity of committing to it. You’ll have the chance to spend a short period of time immersing yourself in something totally new and discovering if it may interest you in the long-term.

On top of this, as we mentioned before, online learning opens up the possibility to study a whole range of subjects, meaning you can experiment with a subject you’ve never had the opportunity to study yourself. 

14. Personalised learning

Now, this isn’t applicable to every distance learning course provider, but we know it certainly is for ours.

Nothing makes online learning more impactful than to offer a totally personalised online learning experience. That’s why we created Melio Tutorials

Melio Tutorials are far more than just an online tutoring service. It’s a totally personalised and enriching learning experience. That’s just you and your tutor. Online. With sessions that are totally personalised to what you want to learn. 

As the name suggests, you’ll be using the traditional Oxford style of tutorial learning which is recognised around the world for its ability to make students excellent critical thinkers. In these tutorials, your tutor will guide the sessions completely around your strengths and weaknesses, challenging you to advance your knowledge and grasp your subject at a complete 360 degree view.

It also means that if you are finding a topic particularly interesting, they can adapt the session to focus on that. If you are struggling with a particular topic, they can re-frame the session and help you until you can grasp it. Everything is designed to give you the most impactful learning experience possible. 

Even in our university Guidance programme, you’ll have the opportunity to pick and choose many of the areas you want to focus on. So, if you are struggling with writing your personal statement, or need to practice your interviewing skills - our tutors will be there to support you with anything you want to work on.

Find Out More About Melio

Want to study online with Melio? Contact our admissions team to find out more about the online learning programmes we have available. 

Alternatively, if you have all the information you need, you can apply now to study with us.

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